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I have been a certified lash technician since 2015 (6 years). I have worked at the Babe Spa in Timonium, MD and I have done freelance for lash services as well.

As a lash technician, I apply individual lash extensions to each single eyelash on the eye giving the appearance of natural longer fuller eyelashes. I am also able to remove these extensions without harm or damage to your natural eyelashes. I offer a variety of lash extension services depending on the look you want from classy to bold to dramatic. These services are for anyone who wants longer lashes or just want their lashes to stand out without applying strip lashes or mascara.

Classic lash extensions, hybrid lash extensions, volume lash extensions , cluster lash extensions (temporary lash extensions) , lash extension removal


  • Classic lash extensions

  • Hybrid lash extensions

  • Volume lash extensions

  • Cluster lash extensions (temporary lash extensions)

  • Lash extension removal


  • Mink Lash Extension Class certification by Absolutely Avion

  • Refresher Training at the Babe Spa




Dolce Minks


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