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MODA'S SAFE & CLEAN PROTOCOLS Set a New Gold Standard for the Salon Industry

We grow with you

Introducing the new MODA Salon Studios, your partner in beauty, style and innovation.


MODA Salon Studios, your new beauty hub offering chic solutions for the independent professional who wants to work privately and have the freedom to create at a tremendous value.

Different by Design

MODA Salon Studios is designed for beauty professionals and entrepreneurs like you by offering a turnkey salon studio package catering to the needs of your business.

Committed to helping you grow

We are committed to you growing your business by providing access to an online profile that you can link to your social pages. 

Partnership with Symmetry Salon Studios® Group

We are a member of the Symmetry Salon Studios® Group, which allows us to leverage Symmetry’s financial strength to help make site improvements, repairs and visual makeover of the salon studios.

Our Beauty Professionals

Schedule a service with one of the leading stylist, spa and beauty professionals in the area. This is a community of great listeners and visionaries keeping on-trend.


Our location and key features

MODA Salon Studios Bethesda is located at the former Lux Studios location atop the DC Metro Bethesda station at 4711 Montgomery Lane.


MODA Salon Studios Catonsville is located at 6487 National Pike at 40 West Plaza, a former Phenix Salon Suites location.

MODA offers you 24-hour access to the property, a dedicated facilities maintenance company that will be on-site five days a week, enhanced breakroom and designated washer/dryer room and mechanical room.

For leasing inquiries, please contact:

Eanna Ponce, Leasing | Email:
Phone: 301-228-0130 option 50

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